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The TEDx Talk Program

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Discover the Path to the TEDx Stage and Make a Global Impact

  • Clarify Your Message for the World
  • Elevate Your Personal Brand
  • Reach Millions and Create Waves of Change
  • Open Doors to Unprecedented Opportunities

Imagine delivering a captivating talk that encapsulates your unique message in just 12-18 minutes. One that has the power to touch hearts, challenge perspectives, and spark change.

Busting Common Myths

MYTH #1: Only the celebrity-status individuals can grace the TEDx stage.
Truth: The right guidance can help passionate individuals, regardless of their fame, to find their spot under the TEDx spotlight. With an astonishing 97.5% success rate, the expertise behind this coaching has proven its worth time and again.

MYTH #2: A well-known reputation or an established brand is essential to land a TEDx talk.
Truth: It's about presenting a story or message that resonates, rather than listing credentials.

Look at the impressive feats achieved with the help of this expert guidance:

  • 39 meticulously crafted speeches have garnered over 20 million views on TEDx channels.
  • 2 of these speeches proudly sit among the top 100 TEDx talks online.
  • 15 speakers have experienced a life-changing trajectory post their TEDx debut, securing book deals, speaking tours, and numerous opportunities.

Here's What You Can Expect:

  1. Unearth Your Unique Idea Worth Sharing: Delve deep to find that groundbreaking message that's uniquely yours.
  2. Fine-tune Your TEDx Talk: Ensure your speech is impeccable with the best in the industry supporting you.
  3. Conceptualize and Record a Captivating Pitch Video: Showcase the core essence of your talk.
  4. Achieve Your TEDx Dream: Leverage a vast network and specialized expertise to help you secure your spot on a TEDx stage.

I've personally been inspired by numerous success stories shared by this expert. One that stands out began in 2012—a journey from winning an award in counterterrorism to seizing an unexpected chance to speak at TEDx Berkeley. The ensuing ripple effect was phenomenal, leading to a viral talk, a $500,000 brand deal, book deals, and a surge in online visibility.

I truly believe in the transformative potential of TEDx. Whether you're tirelessly building your brand or looking for that game-changing opportunity, this guidance might just be the missing puzzle piece. Don't miss your chance to make a difference.