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You’ve got the idea, we’ve got the resources. If you’ve got a startup idea that’s going to shake things up, make a real difference, and change people’s lives, then you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

Welcome to our unique opportunity, where innovation meets investment. We work with a famous NBA star from the 80's who is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, #letsgrowtogether

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive Financial Support: We don't just fund your idea; we fully invest in it. You bring the creativity, and we'll bring the capital.
  • Expert Guidance and Services: In addition to funding, we offer services such as patenting, engineering, manufacturing, and computer programming. We're committed to nurturing your concept from inception to execution.
  • No Out-Of-Pocket Costs: Yes, you read that right. All our services are provided at no initial cost to you. We bear the risk because we believe in the power of your IMAGINATION.

Why Partner With Us?

Imagine having an investor who doesn't just provide funds but also a full spectrum of services needed to develop your idea. We understand the challenges that startups face, and that's why we're here to support you every step of the way.

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The Future Starts Here: Top Industries for Innovative Startup Ideas(Not Limited to)

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: From advanced automation to predictive analytics, AI and ML are revolutionizing many sectors.
  2. Healthcare Technology: The global health crisis has accelerated the need for improved healthcare technology, including telemedicine, biotech, and health-based apps.
  3. Green Tech & Sustainability: Startups aiming at reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability are in high demand.
  4. FinTech: Financial technology is innovating traditional banking, lending, and investing practices, creating space for many groundbreaking startups.
  5. EdTech: The education sector has seen a digital transformation, with a growing need for online learning platforms, digital course materials, and student management systems.
  6. Cybersecurity: As digitalization increases, so does the need for advanced cybersecurity solutions to protect sensitive data and maintain privacy.
  7. E-commerce & Retail Technology: From online shopping platforms to digital marketing tools, there is a continuous demand for innovation in this sector.
  8. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Blockchain technology and digital currencies are transforming various industries, from finance to supply chain management.
  9. AgriTech: Technology aimed at improving farming and food production methods is gaining momentum, including precision farming and sustainable agriculture practices.
  10. SpaceTech: With private companies now exploring space, there's a growing market for innovative solutions in this sector.
  11. Robotics: The rise of automation across various industries presents immense opportunities for startups focused on advanced robotics solutions.
  12. Gaming & Esports: The gaming industry has been thriving, with opportunities for startups in game development, streaming technology, and esports leagues.

Disclaimer: Please note that the investment opportunities and services mentioned on this page are being offered on behalf of a lawyer representing a private investor, who is a former NBA star. I am acting in the capacity of a liaison between potential startup ideas and this investor. All communications and transactions will be conducted with full transparency and within the parameters of legal and ethical business practices.

This is not a guarantee of investment. Each proposal will be thoroughly evaluated and only those that meet our investor's criteria and standards will proceed to the next stage of funding and development. All services mentioned are subject to the investor's discretion and may not be available for all startup ideas.

By proceeding to contact us, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms.